The C26 controller is equipped with a large 15” color touch screen display using proven standardized industrial technology. All current languages are implemented.

A clear operating surface permits comfortable and quick data input which is supported by a menu-driven operation. The pattern input is effected directly on the controller via USB memory stick or optionally by means of a network. All possibilities of data communication for looms are supported, with parallel, serial or can-bus interfaces. Extensive modification capabilities in the pattern and control area are incorporated providing additional overall illustrations. Diagnostic programs and comprehensive self-testing continuously monitor the entire electronics and display the current status in case of faults. 



The new electronic controller c26 includes all standard interfaces for communication with the available weaving machines:

All loom functions are supported, such as:
Pick finding
Mode of operation (terry weaving etc.)

The controlling software is designed meeting the specific needs of the users with continuous monitoring of all important data such as
Design name
Design length
Number of picks woven
Number of repeats wovenl
Working status
Diagnostic software
Extended software functions (for ex. job creation, various testing functions for the hardware and the magnet driving cards, etc.

Important functions like parameters settings etc. are password-protected.