Our developers are working on a new generation Jacquard Controller based on latest technologies in operation, results management, querying key-data in highly networked automatism of the World Web! In a new modern design, the C30 offers its future users all possibilities of a secure and very flexible and comfortable handling with modern and new oriented technology, according to Industry 4.0. The new generation provides information on the APP Information Centre and WLAN functions on mobile devices, wherever you are.

Communication: machine  ↔  human  ↔  machine

c30 newdesign


General advantages, all proven standard features included and redefined
→ GROSSE independent controller is synchronized with the loom and can be used to all common types of weaving machines.
→ Large colour touch screen display 15“, swiveling and easily displaced
→ Includes all standard interfaces for communication: Serial, Parallel, CAN
→ Low energy consumption
→ Supports all common languages (languages can be integrated very quickly)
→ Pattern input USB-Stick or network systems
→ All loom functions are supported, such as: pick finding, change of weft density, mode of operation (terry weaving etc.)
→ Diagnostic software programs
→ Comprehensive self-testing: self-monitoring, saving the status on USB port (history etc.) 

c30 industrey4.0



NEW design, performance & application,user-interface, docking station.

Industrial revolutions are already behind us, new lie ahead! In evolutionary steps we move the value chain. We work goal-oriented ...