As the latest enhancement available on EJP6, which paves the way for new standards in the shedding systems, XDrive represents the most flexible and versatile driving system ever conceived for Jacquard machines.

Thanks to the individual drive of the two main shafts, special shed characteristics among which a real staggered shed can be realized.
No more cardan shaft is therefore necessary, no bevel gears nor transmission belts, avoiding in this way the low mechanical efficiency of traditional systems and limiting dramatically the noise.

Xdrive can virtually generate any shedding with any opening profile and timing, thus offering to the weaving machine the most suitable shed in accordance with the weaving pattern and the fabric characteristics.

Considering the loads and inertias implicit in the mechanical system, by the required speed, the necessary precision in movements as well as the perfect system synchronization between several independent axes this milestone configuration can only be achieved using state-of-the-art servo drive technologies and the most sophisticated control software.

EJP6 Servo2This became possible thanks to the experience developed during the implementation of Unished servo driving system.






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