nj2is the perfect partner for weaving logos, borders and small patterns especially in the area of dobby fabrics.

The original arrangement of the machine allows weaving up to eight repeats with only one head, equipped with up to 128 individual pattern positions.
The driving unit can be positioned both horizontally than vertically, running roller harness. Individual selvedge positioning is available for maximum flexibility.

 Technical description

Available in sizes of 32, 64, 96 and 128 hooks, the electronic name selvedge Jacquard machine NJ2 is suitable for all modern weft insertion systems (rapier, air jet or projectile looms) to weave logos, borders and small designs within dobby fabrics.
Weaving is performed via a horizontally / vertically running roller harness that allows up to 8 design stripes (repeats) to be executed.

nj2 description


There are two driving systems available for NJ2:
→ Mechanical from loom through chain, either directly or via angle gear
Electronically independent with servo motor



The shed is obtained via magnet-controlled hooks based on the well-known GROSSE modular concept, fully proven in practice, providing low energy consumption and optimum accessibility.
A reliable crank motion drives the knife system.
The shed height is adjustable up to 110 mm.
The harness is normally arranged in front of the working healdframes and is supplied with harness cords, heddles, pull down springs as well as knot protection.
The position of the selvedges can be displaced up to 150 mm in weft direction without re-leveling the harness. In case the selvedges are even more displaced, adding additional guiding units will fit the need without re-levelling.


The shedding unit can be positioned in vertical as well as in horizontal position, depending on the weaving needs.
It is directly mounted on the weaving machine frame.
The average pattern capacity amounts to 64 and 128 hooks.