us2 - a new age in Jacquard weaving

UniShed2 is the first harnessless Jacquard machine worldwide.
With this shedding unit almost no limits are set to flexibility, creativity and productivity.

UniShed2 is a positive Jacquard machine: no needs for hooks, magnets, pulleys and pull-down springs.
Heddles are moved exactly into the upper or lower shed position at maximum speed by means of a proprietary and patented oscillating system.

UniShed2 can be connected to all modern weaving machines incl. water jet looms with fast weft insertion systems up to 1200 rpm.
It is suitable for technical fabrics, terry fabrics, flat fabrics and OPW (one piece woven) weaving. 

The UniShed2 System

The shed formation is based on a steadily activated, mechanical oscillation system.
UniShed2 is driven by latest technology servo drives with sophisticated dedicated software.
The rotation movement of the motors is converted into shed opening via oscillating shafts.
The maximum number of shafts available can guarantee a wide range of densities for up to 45 ends/cm applications.
No mechanical connection to the drive motor of the weaving machine is thenneeded: the synchronization is performed and controlled electronically.

us2 shed

Piezo Module



UniShed2 controls each warp end individuallyvia a special piezo actuator.           
A standard module consists up to 128 piezo actuators each.

us2 sensor

Optical sensor controller

A permanent optical surveillance of each heddle guarantees zerodefectndue to shedding errors and therefore maximum production reliability and highest fabric quality.



The warp ends are connected to the system directly via heddles without any harness.
Special control electronic ensures the perfect synchronization with the weaving machine (electronic cardan).
As a result, UniShed2 boosts almost unlimited possibilities to influence the shed geometry via control electronics and thanks to the application of the servo motors technique. 

us2 warp








Thanks to the limited number of moving parts for selection and shed formation and thanks to the application of modern materials no maintenance work such as lubrication, oil change or filter change is required 


Machines sizes

Special Features

→ High speed, up to 1200 rpm
100% shedding quality control thanks to surveillance of all heddles and actuators (zero defects due to shedding mistakes)
No harness is necessary to drive the heddles (direct heddles)
No gantry is necessary to support the jacquard machine (direct connection over the weaving machine)
No mechanical drive or cardan connection is necessary (electronic cardan shaft)
Absolute freedom in pattern creation
Less space requirement thanks to compact dimensions
Modular construction